Thank you for your contributions to the COVID-19 Emergency Fund

(as at May 22, 2020)


$100,000 and over

Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropy Limited

Fidelis Insurance Bermuda Ltd

Monument Re

Pacific Life Re

PartnerRe Ltd.

Anonymous Donors


$50,000 and over

AXIS Specialty Bermuda

Caitlin & Ross Curtis

Oil Management Services Ltd.

One Communications Ltd.


Third Point Reinsurance Ltd.


$25,000 and over


AIG Bermuda

Aon Group (Bermuda)

Argo Foundation

Aspen Re / BNTB


The Atlantic Philanthropies

Bank of Bermuda Foundation


Convex Re Limited

Deloitte Ltd.

Hemera Foundation

L&F Indemnity Limited

Legal & General Reinsurance

Renaissance Reinsurance

Resolution Re Ltd.

Sirius Bermuda Insurance Company Ltd.

$10,000 and over

Allianz Risk Transfer

Aon Group (Bermuda) - Staff Contributions

Bermuda Brokers Limited

Jenn & Nick Campbell

Robert Cawthorn

Charles & Lesley Marshall Family

Colonial Group International

Barbara Conyers in memory of Stronach O'Neill

F&G Re Ltd

Chris & Alyson Grasso

Hanover Re (Bermuda) Ltd.

Markel Bermuda Limited

Ryan & Julia Mather

Brian & Karen McNamara

Mark & Tina Nash

Brian O'Hara

Sagicor Re Bermuda Ltd.

Schroders (Bermuda) Limited

Validus Charity & Giving Committee

Anonymous Donors

$5,000 and over

Ascot Bermuda Limited

Atlantic Philanthropies Staff Designated Gift Programme

Chubb Charitable Foundation - Bermuda

Sue & George Cubbon

Garden Club of Bermuda

Freemasons' Fund for Bermuda

Mike & Allie Krefta

Emily Leitch

Jan & James MacDonald

Mat Twilley

Hinal & Sonal Patel

Britt & Jonathan Reiss

Jeremy Robertson

Sun Life Financial

William Wharton

Arthur & Sophie Wightman

Matthew Wilken

Willis Towers Watson

Zurich Bermuda


Up to $4,999

John Ashington
Australia-Japan Ca Limited
Tim & Victoria B.
Holly Ann Barany
Bruce Barritt
Lesley B. in memory of Vivian Stines & June Saltus
Ben & Kirsten Beasley
Jillian & Matthew Benson
Bermuda Athletic Association
Rachel Biggs - in memory of Margaret Parsons
Mitch Blaser
Guy & Beatriz Bowker
Renee Benjamin
Josh Braverman
Liz Breeze
Terlina & Shawn Brown
Thomas Brown
Duncan Bryden & Amy Tyndall
John & Debbie Burville
CPA Bermuda
Cindy F Campbell
La Ve Cann
Lavernne M Cann 
Niamah Cann
Carol Carther
Rhonda & Kirk Caza
Patrick & Barbara Cerra
Steph Chai
Jeoffrey Chisnall
Chubb Charitable Foundation - Employee Matching Donations
Nigel & Diana Chudleigh
Linda Cook
Barbara D Cooper
Natalie Cossar
A & J Cresswell
Lothar & Alexia Crofton
Andrew Davidson & Dr. Charlotte Andrews
Erica & Tim Davidson
Sarah Demerling
Denton Family
Devonshire Colts
Kathryn (Katie) Dilke
Richard du Moulin
Enstar Limited
Kathleen & Jerry Faries
Niall Farrell
Terry & Mary Faulkenberry
Paul Fedden
Rod & Martha Ferguson
Keith & Suzette Fisher
The Fleming Family
Julian Fletcher
Judithann A Furbert
Greg & Katie Garside
David & Jen Gazzard
Scott Gemmell
Bennet Gibson
The Gilmour Family
Jessica Godfrey
M. Godfrey
Annabelle Gray
Terry & Duranda Greene
Kevin Gregory
Karen Lynn Gonsalves
Elizabeth Harris
Hartnett-Beasley Family
Riley Henderson
Ann Holden
Peter & Felicity Holmes
The Hurdle Family
Kyle James
Chris & Kate Jansma
Sean Kelly
Fred & Liz Knight in memory of Marie R. (Pizzella) Cremin
Jane Knight
Michael Kress
Alastair L.
Steve Lake & Sheila Nicoll
Roger Lambert 
Ray & Kay Latter
Donna Leitch
Lesley in memory of Vivian Stines & June Saltus
Gary Levon
Antoine Lightbourne
Julia Lines
Lombard Trust (Bermuda) Limited
Lisa Lounsbury
Aziza Lovell
Lynn & David
The MacFarlane Family
Manjit Varwandkar
Robert Marcotte
Angela & Darren Martin
The Matthew Family
Catherine Matthews
Gordon McFadden 
Lorna McGowan
McKeown & McKeown-Alexander Family
Brenda McLean
Amber & Rob Mehta
Kyle Mitchell
Barrinette Montague
Sean Moore
Sarah Morgan
Leigh & Beth Murdick
Maureen Murray
Chelsea Neal
North Village Community Club
Declan O'Connell
Thomas Olunloyo
Martina Osborne in memory of Mrs. Ida James
Lily Outerbridge
Tennyson Oyler
The Packwoods
Henry Paddison
Nicole Palle
Jennifer Panchaud
Esther Peacock
Pembroke Hamilton Club
Pilates for Life - Caitlin Curtis
Angelo & Joy Pimental
Joelina Redden
Reeves Family
Alex Richards
Beverley Richardson
P W Richie
Oliver Riihilouma
Risk Management Solutions
Lisa & Glenn Robinson
Eddie & Mary Roberts
Miriam Rogers
Michael Rooney
Giuseppe & Lovey Russo
Salinardo Family
Elizabeth Schaefer
Joel P Schaefer
Taylor Schneider
Nikkita Scott
Michelle Scott Outerbridge
Marion Searson
LeeAnn Simmons
Janet & Paul Slaughter
Heidi Smith
Mark Smith
Chris Souter & Carolyn Hill
Jenn & Jason Souza
Michelle Spenser
Michael Spurling
St. George's Cricket Club
Rev. David & Debbie Steele
Felicia Steffen
Donita Stevens
Valerie Stevenson
Strategic Risk Solutions
Jenny Strickland
Supatone Ltd
Nancy & Roger Thompson
Sarah JG Thompson
Jennifer Trian
Chelsea Trott
Lawrence Turnbull
Tammy Warren
Lindsay Watson
The Weare Family
Welch Family
Western Stars Sports Club
The Wetmiller Family
Elaine & Kilian Whelan
Joel Willens
Deanna Williams
Nick & Emma Williamson
Anonymous Donors


NOTE: This page is updated weekly on Friday. If you do not see your name on this list, please confirm that you have registered your contribution to the Emergency Fund. To make a pledge and contribute to the fund click here.


Requests for help are currently exceeding resources, so all donations will be gratefully received! If you can help please tell us how at