The following fees are assessed on incoming gifts/donations to Friends of BCF:-

Type of Gift Gift Amount Fee
Donation to a Registered Charity
(Bermuda).  All online donations and any gifts that are connected to fundraising events or short-term campaigns are assessed at a flat transaction fee rate of 5%.
Up to $99,999 1%
($25 fee minimum)
Establish or Contribute to any Donor-directed (DAF's, Designated, Agency, etc.) Fund at BCF* $100,000 to $499,999 85 basis points
$500,000 or more 65 basis points
Establish a Named Donor Fund for the benefit of BCFor contribute to the Central and Operating Endowment Funds at BCF

All $25

To view the detailed fee schedule click here.

*FBCF's fee structure is not designed to make a profit but to establish a charge based on the cost of running the service. For large donations (over $1,000,000) that are extremely simple to manage, a lower fee may be considered with the objective of meeting costs.