The Relationship between Friends of Bermuda Community Foundation and the Bermuda Community Foundation

About Community Foundations

Community Foundations are charitable structures found world-wide.   A community foundation is a grant-making organisation made up of funds that have been established by individuals, families and businesses. It is designed to pool, steward and deploy donations from unrelated donors, dedicated to the improvement of a given place - Bermuda. 

A community foundation invests the assets it holds, generating income which is distributed to bona fide charities and community organisations according to donors’ suggestions, areas of interest or through competitive grants made by the foundation itself. 

For donors, community foundations offer a one-stop shop for contributing to a community they care about. For communities, they ensure informed, strategic, and sustained support for the third sector. For smaller nonprofits, new or emerging charities and community groups, they offer potential extra funding support from one place and for larger nonprofits, an opportunity to develop a passive income source by establishing their own endowment that is professionally managed.

About the Bermuda Community Foundation

As a prospective grantee of Friends of Bermuda Community Foundation, the Bermuda Community Foundation (BCF) in Bermuda raises funds for non-profits, causes and public institutions, from arts and education to health and community services that serve the Island’s residents. FBCF's relationship with the BCF provides US donors with a simple, convenient and flexible way to make an impact - by providing them with a facility to set up a Donor-Advised fund in Bermuda .  BCF enables corporations, individuals and families to establish customized charitable funds without the burden of tax liabilities or administrative tasks such as setting up private foundations, or trusts or distributing grants. Donations are aggregated, invested and managed to achieve greater returns for Bermuda’s civic sector.

For more information about how FBCF works, Click Here - FBCFs Business Plan.