There are two primary fund classifications at the BCF: Endowed or Non-endowed. Endowment funds are invested and the principle of the fund remains untouched in perpetuity. Non-endowed funds function like charitable chequing accounts, offering a donor the capability of making grants to nonprofit programmes periodically over an agreed, finite time period. The foundation's primary purpose is to establish endowment funds of all types, to create an enduring source of funding for the Bermuda's nonprofit community.

To establish an endowment fund, a donor(s) execute a fund agreement and make an irrevocable contribution to Bermuda Community Foundation, which establishes the Fund.  Once established, the donor may recommend charitable organizations to receive grants from the fund. The Foundation administers the fund, including all paperwork and grant disbursements to recipient charities.

An endowment fund offers a donor the flexibility to recommend grants today or in the future. And to support donors in recommending grants, BCF can provide guidance and advice on philanthropic causes—including arts and culture, education, environment, and health and human services—based on its network of non-profit organizations.

Establishing donors may choose to appoint fund advisors to the Fund who will continue to make contributions and recommend grants beyond their lifetimes, creating a philanthropic legacy[1].

The Fund offers donors a full service program designed to help make philanthropy simple and effective, now and for years to come.

To set up a fund


Email us at admin@bcf.bm to discuss the best fund option for you. To learn more about fund types at BCF, click here.

Contribution Methods

To make a contribution to Bermuda Community Foundation to support a Bermuda-based charity, to establish a Donor Advised Fund or to contribute to an existing donor fund, click here.

[1] BCF shall have all powers, other than those retained by the Donor pursuant to the terms of its fund agreement, necessary or desirable to carry out the intent or purposes of the Fund, including, but not limited to, the power to retain, invest and reinvest all or any part or parts of an Endowed Fund.  BCF commingles the endowed Fund Assets with those of other funds for investment purposes.  The Fund Advisory Committee shall be given access to review the accounting related to the Fund and any co-mingled accounts on no less than an annual basis.