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Roland Skinner Memorial Fund for Bermudian Visual Arts

The Roland Skinner Memorial Fund for Bermudian Visual Arts celebrates Roland’s passion for photography, his love of Bermuda and his belief in arts education. All proceeds of the Roland Skinner Memorial Fund will be distributed to talented Bermudians in the field of visual arts, in support of the furthering of visual arts in Bermuda.

A lifelong photographer, Roland was known for his sweeping aerial shots that showcased Bermuda’s beauty. These photos were featured in international publications.

Mr. Skinner told The Royal Gazette in 1993: “Photography is the sort of thing you never get tired of. You can do it all your life and enjoy the last photograph you took as much as the first one.

“I think you’re born with it. Musicians are born to be musicians and photographers are born to be photographers." He added that the island was “a photographer’s paradise”.

Roland studied at the Winona School of Professional Photography in Indiana, but honed his trade in the darkroom. He opened his own photo gallery, Picturesque, just before he retired from his government post in 1995. The gallery moved to Walker Arcade in 2013. Roland's popular book, Picturesque Bermuda, was released in 1996, followed by a second volume in 2012. While working on his books, Roland realised how fortunate he was "to have been born on this picturesque island, and to be able to appreciate the incredible beauty that surrounds me". Commenting that Bermuda's seasons provide a variety of lighting opportunities, Roland particularly liked winter, when the sun's lower trajectory provides lovely shadows all day long. "Two of my favourite times to photograph are the "golden hours", which are first and last hours of the day, and those moments when the distant sky turns grey and the subject is still brightly lit by the sun."

Among his favourite subjects were views of his beautiful island, by land, air and sea, and he also loved to capture many fascinating shots of sunsets, clouds and rock formations.

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Irene Dale Memorial Fund

Irene Dale’s passion was nursing.  She graduated from the Halifax School of Infirmary in 1953, and was a registered nurse in both Bermuda and Canada.  She was the nurse every patient would want to have. She sought to make every patient ‘s journey as comfortable as possible, and she served with love and compassion. 
- Brenda Dale 


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Toogood Family Fund

The Toogood Family Fund at BCF was established to support environment education, research and conservation with a focus on the protection of the ocean environment.

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Joan Darling Memorial Fund

Our mother died at the age of 75 in 2002.We saw the BCF fund as the chance to create something meaningful to honour her. It’s a way to thank her for all that she did for us. In addition, it’s a way to provide help to vulnerable people in the community forever. That would have made her very happy. A compassionate person, she was especially concerned about people who were challenged by circumstances beyond their control. This fund is a way to perpetuate her memory. Thank you, BCF, for providing us the vehicle to do this!

—Amanda Outerbridge

Joan Darling Memorial Fund

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The Quig Family Fund

My wife and I met as volunteers at a Montreal inner-city youth centre in 1992. We knew we would remain committed to championing the causes of disadvantaged families and at-risk kids. When our daughters came along, we continued to take very seriously the belief that it is important to do what you can for people who may not be in a position to advocate for or protect themselves. The idea of being able to give to the causes we care about throughout our lives and then passing our family’s interests in philanthropy on to future generations excites us. Structuring our giving in this way means we’ll be able to contribute to charity in perpetuity—the monies will have been secured and BCF will be there to administer the fund through our descendants. —Marc Quig

Quig Family

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The Williams Legacy Fund

“I’d rather be sailing,” was the quote posted in my grandfather’s taxi for as long as I can remember. As a captain of the seas, he understood powerful lessons can be learned from working towards a common goal. He believed developing a respect for the sea created opportunities for relationship building, character development and discipline. My grandmother’s love of the arts, and music in particular, was founded in the same belief. This fund honours my grandparents’ belief in the development of the whole person. As a family, we say thank you to BCF for allowing us to impact our community in their memory.

—Nikkita Scott

Williams Family

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Bermuda High School PTA Excellence Prize Fund

Every year, the PTA raises funds that go towards enhancing the school. We wanted to find a way to augment our annual efforts with an investment that will grow over time.We also sought a way to engage students as civic leaders and as potential philanthropists.

The PTA Excellence Prize Fund helps us get to that goal. Using funds that might have gone towards gifts of appreciation to PTA volunteers last year, we established this fund at BCF in the name of the PTA.  —Lacey Fraser, Secondary Chair, PTA Executive

Bermuda High School PTA

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Durhager Family Fund

Our family believes in giving back and volunteering. By starting a fund with the Bermuda Community Foundation, the four of us will be able to support charities whose efforts resonate with us. The fund is another way for our family to be actively engaged in both our community and our giving.We cannot think of anything more rewarding and fulfilling as a family to do together, and are pleased our daughters will be involved in helping future generations of Bermudians.  —Peter Durhager

Durhager Family

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O’Hara Family Fund

The Bermuda Community Foundation is enabling us, and will enable a lot of other Bermuda people, to build a lasting legacy for the nonprofit sector. It works in a number of ways. My wife has handled our accounts from the day we were married and has always taken care of our charitable giving, and it’s a lot of work. Giving a lump sum, building an endowment with the BCF, frees her up and we can now simply instruct the BCF as to where we want the money to go. We can also continue to build up the endowment over time and leave something lasting for our children and their families, something that will be perpetual in the market.

As an American who pays taxes, I also feel it works from a tax perspective. The endowment can be invested and grow compounded tax-free—whereas if we were funding our third sector by giving piecemeal each year, that would be after-tax money. So it works in a virtuous circle in many ways. —Brian O’Hara

O'Hara Family

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Bermuda Debate Society Fund

As a small, but vibrant charity fostering debate among students in Bermuda, the Bermuda Debate Society is excited to partner with the Bermuda Community Foundation. We see the BCF as an innovative vehicle that will preserve our finances for future operations even in the event that many years from now we, as existing Board members, are no longer involved. By establishing —and growing—an agency fund, we hope to show our donors that we are forward-thinking and that their contributions are being used responsibly and in a sustainable fashion. We have confidence in the BCF; in addition to BCF's Board members being recognised and respected members of the community, it has the financial backing of prominent organisations. We suggest other charities consider taking advantage of this exceptional opportunity to ensure their longevity.

—Marisa Sharpe, President, The Bermuda Debate Society

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