Funds at Bermuda Community Foundation

Central Funds

  • BCF Administration and Operating Fund

    Established with founding investments from The Atlantic Philanthropies, the Buchanan Charitable Fund and RenaissanceRe in honor of its 20th Anniversary celebrations, and with contributions from Bloomberg Philanthropies and other foundations and companies, the Administrative/Operating Fund provides financial support for the day-to-day programmes and operations of the Bermuda Community Foundation.  Contributions for the long term growth and security of the community foundation will allow it to administer donor funds in perpetuity.   All contributions to this fund leverage critical matched donations from key funders.
  • BCF Endowed Fund

    Established with founding investments from the Buchanan Charitable Fund, RenaissanceRe in honour of the 20th anniversary of its founding and The Atlantic Philanthropies, this fund helps establish the Bermuda Community Foundation as a vital infrastructural force in the nonprofit sector.  All contributions to this fund leverage critical matched donations from key funders.
  • Chairmen's Fund

    At its 5th Anniversary Reception, the Board of Directors of the Bermuda Community Foundation established the Chairmen's Fund at BCF with an initial gift of $5,000 made in the name of the foundation's first Chairman, Mr. Peter Durhager, JP. The Chairmen's Fund recognises service and leadership to Bermuda through leadership of the jurisdictions first and only community foundation.

Board of Directors Funds and Contributions

  • A woman with life sketches.

    Durhager Family Fund

    A fund established to tackle emerging and contemporary social problems, with a focus on youth and educational initiatives.
  • Schrum Family Fund

    A legacy gift made possible by Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Vanessa Schrum and family, to support the programmes and operations of the Bermuda Community Foundation.

  • O’Hara Family Fund

    A fund established to promote a range of charitable and nonprofit activities, with a focus on philanthropy, the arts and dance. O’Hara Family Fund A fund established to promote a range of charitable and nonprofit activities, with a focus on philanthropy, the arts and dance.
  • Quig Family Fund

    A fund established to champion social and economic justice for the most disenfranchised members of the community and to advocate for the protection of the vulnerable.
  • Joan Darling Memorial Fund

    A fund established in memory of Joan Darling by her daughters, Amanda, Penny, Gill and Robin, to support nonprofits delivering services to people who experience challenges every day, particularly the sight and hearing impaired and those with learning disabilities.
  • Williams Legacy Fund

    A fund established by Nikkita Scott and family in support of marine activities, to honor the late Mr. and Mrs. H. Edward (better known as Capt. Ed Williams) and Valeria Williams, the former who was committed to the development and launch of the Bermuda Sloop.
  • Mr. Michael Brace

    A multi-year legacy contribution to the Bermuda Community Foundation endowment fund.

Donor-Advised Funds

  • Lighthouse Connect Fund

    Legal & General Reinsurance, in partnership with Mirrors, has launched the ‘Lighthouse Connect’ initiative to raise funds to provide free laptops to Bermuda public school students whose education has been affected by the pandemic. Lighthouse Connect provides a way for companies and individuals to contribute to the purchase of Ministry of Education-approved equipment in a coordinated and cohesive manner that is most suitable for teachers and students. The island will recover from this pandemic, but we need to make sure no student is left behind. Click here to learn more about the Lighthouse Connect Fund.
  • Charles E. and Lesley Marshall Family Fund

    This fund's purpose is to support the development of youth football and refereeing by supporting the programmes and activities of football clubs' and entities affiliated with the Bermuda Football Association (BFA).

  • The Flora Fund

  • Established by ITO World Champion Triathlete and Commonwealth Games gold medalist, Flora Duffy, The Flora Fund aims to enable aspiring youth in Bermuda to achieve their full potential by providing funding support not limited to but including: equipment, travel, training fees, event registration fees, and coaching. All towards the development of the skills and attributes needed to achieve excellence in sport – which will have a positive impact for the community of Bermuda.  


  • Hemera Foundation Fund (Bermuda)

    A fund established by the Hemera Foundation to support a variety of charitable initiatives, including the advancement of the field of early childhood development in Bermuda. Click here to read about a recent Hemera Fund grant.
  • C V Zuill Family Fund

    To support charitable and philanthropic initiatives, including the advancement of racial equity and diversity, with an emphasis on systemic change. A legacy pledge to support the ongoing operations of the community foundation has been made possible by Mr. Cummings Zuill.
  • RenaissanceRe Fund

    Established with a generous founding donation from RenaissanceRe as part of its 20th Anniversary celebration, this Fund enhances BCF’s early grant-making capacity to nonprofits by providing 1) challenge-match opportunities for nonprofits electing to set up their own agency endowments and 2) annual programme and operational grants to nonprofit groups, causes and community projects.  Match conditions and recipient grantees are at the donor’s discretion.  This fund also directly supports the Friends of Bermuda Railway Trail to further develop the railway trail in Bermuda and the Bermuda Sloop Foundation for the ultimate benefit of its longevity, core operations and programmes.
  • The Atlantic Philanthropies Fund

    A donor –advised platform for the foundation’s grantmaking programme in Bermuda.
  • Buechner Society of Bermuda Fund for Family Literacy and Literature

    A fund established to advance and support charitable and philanthropic initiatives focusing on child and family literacy and literature. This fund has been established in honour of noted author and theologian Frederick Buechner whose enduring connection to Bermuda began in his formative years in Paget, continued as Bermuda became a subject of his writings, and extends to the present day as he supports the families of his childhood home. For more information go to
  • De Weg Fund

    Established by Rachel Van De Weg to support charitable, not-for-profit, and philanthropic initiatives including but not restricted to education, and research.
  • Irene Dale Memorial Fund

    Established by the Dale Family to support nursing education and to celebrate the life of Irene and her passion and commitment to the field.
  • Roland Skinner Memorial Fund for Bermudian Visual Arts

    Established by the family of photographer Roland Skinner to celebrate his passion for photography, his love for Bermuda and his belief in arts education. 

Cedarberry Funds - Start one today!

  • Diversity Initiatives Fund

    Established with contributions from the Diversity Institute of Bermuda and its key supporters to support diversity initiatives that encourage and advance an understanding of human diversity in Bermuda, whether related to age, class, disability, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or otherwise.
  • Toogood Family Fund

    Established to support environmental education, research and conservation with a focus on the protection of the ocean environment.

Field-of-interest Funds

  • Early Childhood Development Project and Research Fund

    Early Childhood Development Project and Research Fund: Established with contributions from the Hemera Foundation Fund, the Gutteridge Family, the Bank of Bermuda Foundation and a private individual to improve outcomes for young children ages 0-3 years. This fund supports the advancement of the field of early childhood development in Bermuda by conducting research into the field, which includes an examination of community needs, best practices and strategic options for supporting work that improves outcomes in the field. The fund may also support projects that improve outcomes for children primarily ages 0-3 and in the field of early childhood development more generally.
  • Financial Sustainability and Streetwise MBA Project Fund

    A project fund to designed to 1) support several high-level convenings aimed at bring together small businesses, not-for-profit or low profit entities and donors to discuss efficient, sustainable funding mechanisms resulting in the production of strategic funding plans for key participants and 2) the development, launch and execution of a curriculum for a sustained certificate training programme within a key institute for small business and not-for-profit organisation leaders on effectively managing a small business operation.
  • Bermuda Youth Development & Football Consortium

    A fund established to support community-based youth development by funding youth development projects channelled through football programmes, targeting participants ages 8-16 years old. 
  • Key Capacity Building for Social Change

    This fund strengthens leadership and organisational capacity in Bermuda’s non-profit sector, this grant provides support to local non-profit organisations and early support to grassroots organisations in the form of convenings and leader study tours. A particular goal is to increase social impact by building social movement and policy development capacity across the island.

Designated funds

  • National Dance Foundation of Bermuda

    An initial gift from the O’Hara family established this endowed fund, which yields returns to support the core programmes of the National Dance Foundation of Bermuda
  • Philanthropy Tech Platform at BCF

    An initial gift from a private donor established this non-endowed fund to build-out BCF’s on-line giving platform for the benefit of Bermuda’s civically-minded community.

Agency funds

  • Group of dancers practicing.

    Bermuda Debate Society

    To ensure the livelihood of the Bermuda Debate Society in the future by growing investment returns that will be re-invested into its programmes and operations for Bermuda’s youth.
  • Bermuda High School PTA Excellence Prize Fund

    This endowed fund’s returns go towards the annual recognition of student leaders who epitomize the PTA mission and ideals. Student winners are awarded 1) a cup of recognition and 2) to grow their capacities as civic leaders and emerging philanthropists, the opportunity to determine how the Fund’s grants will be spent on projects and programmes that improve the educational experience at BHS.
  • National Dance Foundation of Bermuda

    To ensure a consistent stream of income that can be used to support their programme goals, NDFB established this endowed Agency Fund.

Community Funds at BCF

A clown reading to kids.Community Funds at BCF are permanent, unrestricted Funds that are open to contributions from the public. A portion of these funds are granted annually; the balance goes towards growing the charitable endowment for future social needs.

Unrestricted funds provide the community foundation with the grantmaking flexibility to support a wide variety of nonprofits in meeting the challenges of the community. These funds are directed to emerging needs in Bermuda as identified by a Community Grants Committee that makes recommendations to BCF’s Board of Directors.

BCF Community-Based Funds

Community Funds established by BCF, open to contributions from the community

  • READ•WRITE•BERMUDA Campaign (Code: RWBC)

    This fund was established with seed support from the Buechner Society of Bermuda Fund for Family Literacy and Literature and Reverend Frederick Buechner to improve literacy in Bermuda.  Funding goes to qualified nonprofit agencies such as CedarBridge Academy, Bermuda National Library, The Reading Clinic, and others to support their participation in the Building Readers, Supporting Writers, and Expanding Libraries programmes of the READ•WRITE•BERMUDA Campaign. The fund is administered by and all grant-making decisions are made by the staff of the Bermuda Community Foundation. To make a contribution to the READ•WRITE•BERMUDA Campaign go to

Donate to these funds

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